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Zanatsko obrazovni centar Adžija
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Zanatsko obrazovni centar Adžija

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 6/V,
21000 Novi Sad
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Click for larger pic - Strani jezici
Strani jezici
Click for larger pic - Kurs za novinare
Kurs za novinare
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Školski programi za decu
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Kurs za frizera
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Kurs za manikira
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Kurs za masera
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Kurs za negovateljicu
Click for larger pic - Kurs za kuvare i poslastičare
Kurs za kuvare i poslastičare
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Kurs krojenja i šivenja
Click for larger pic - Poslovni sekretar
Poslovni sekretar
Click for larger pic - Rukovalac građevinskim mašinama
Rukovalac građevinskim mašinama
Click for larger pic - Kurs za varioca
Kurs za varioca

The Vocational Education Centre ADŽIJA Ltd Novi Sad  (The ADŽIJA Centre Ltd) was created by the decree of the Agency of Private Registration No BD 7258/2013, on the 1st of February 2013. The Centre emerged from the Regional Centre of the People's University „Božidar Adžija“ in Novi Sad, with an objective to survive and continue with the long tradition of its work and education.

The ADŽIJA Centre has developed the programmes that are organised in six specific units:

  1. The Continuing Education Centre – organises courses in the following fields: IT, economy, finances, business and administrative programmes, media school, forwarders and custom officers education, preparatory education etc. This Centre organises courses for children and adults.
  2. The Foreign Language Centre - organises foreign language courses (English, German, French, Italian, Greek, Russian etc.) of different levels (Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Conversational, Specialist) which are tailor-made according to the age of pupils. The Foreign Language Centre therefore offers range of options for students, staff, members of the public and business, including evening courses and corporate language training.
  3. The Centre for Training and Professional Development - crafts  - organises courses of different crafts (machine technicians and mechanics, electricians, food technicians, civil engineering technicians, catering and restaurant and café staff etc.).
  4. The Centre for beauty care programme – organises course for beauty care (hairdressers, beauticians, masseurs, manicure with nail extension technicians, pedicure etc.)
  5. The Centre for Culture - dance, ballet, acting and painting courses, art and applied art, textile design and tailoring courses, publishing courses etc.
  6. The University for Third Age - organises educational and artistic programmes for the pensioners.

The scope of educational activities in The ADŽIJA Centre Ltd Novi Sad falls within the field of adult education, non-formal and informal learning for improving basics skills, obtaining new qualifications, up-skilling or re-skilling for employment, out of the official educational system of schools and universities. The ADŽIJA Centre organises adult education, vocational and technical education, lifelong learning and other non-formal and informal learning for children and adults. It organises the foreign language courses of all levels for children and adults, Serbian language courses for foreign nationals, acquiring special knowledges and skills and vocational training, acquisition of craft skills to perform certain services, specialisation in the work field and professional specialisation, general cultural and esthetic education and develeping of certain artistic, musical and ballet tendencies, not defined by the oficial educational levels, and yet realised here according to the seminary programmes, according to the programmes of the courses for professional development, training, acquisition of specific knowledge and craft skills, knowledge innovation, and according to the programmes for acquiring certain qualifications and programmes for passing the entrance exams for secondary schools and universities, in accord with the corresponding laws and legal acts.


  1. National Employment Agency
  2. Ecumenical Humantirian Organisation Novi Sad
  3. ZZ Mrkšićevi salaši Srpski Itebej
  4. Office for Roma Inclusion, AP Vojvodina
  5. People's University Šentjur
  6. Care International
  7. IOM
  8. Prisma
  9. Students' Centre Novi Sad
  10. JKP Novosadske toplane
  11. GP NS-graditelj Novi Sad
  12. RTV Panonija Novi Sad
  13. Centre for scientific development Kikinda...


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