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Centar za učenje engleskog jezika - Školigrica & Chatroom
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Centar za učenje engleskog jezika - Školigrica & Chatroom

Todora Jovanovića 5 i 7,
21000 Novi Sad
Working hours:
08-15h - Englesko zabavište
16-21h - Škola engleskog za tinejdžere i odrasle
021 40...Click to reveal number
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Click for larger pic - Predškolska utanova
Predškolska utanova
Click for larger pic - Montessori metoda
Montessori metoda
Click for larger pic - Bilingvalno zabavište
Bilingvalno zabavište
Click for larger pic - Engleski za tinejdžere - Chatroom
Engleski za tinejdžere - Chatroom
Click for larger pic - Engleski za odrasle - Chatroom
Engleski za odrasle - Chatroom
Click for larger pic - Završna priredba za decu od 3 - 7 god.
Završna priredba za decu od 3 - 7 god.
Click for larger pic - Završna priredba za decu od 7 - 12 god.
Završna priredba za decu od 7 - 12 god.
Click for larger pic - <i>Little Red Riding Hood</i>
Little Red Riding Hood
Click for larger pic - <i>Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs</i>
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Click for larger pic - Musical <i>Annie</i>
Musical Annie
Click for larger pic - Priprema za Cambrige diplome
Priprema za Cambrige diplome
Click for larger pic - Dramska radionica na engleskom
Dramska radionica na engleskom


Školigrica is the first  private kindergarten and school of English, founded in 1990.
There are two  existing  programmes under the name of  Školigrica:
  • Bilingual Montessori Kindergarten Školigrica for children aged 3-7 working hours Monday to Friday, 8am-3pm all year round
Školigrica is accredited by Ministry of Education for preparatory  preschool program (compulsory  one year prior to the first class).
It is bilingual and all ativities are carried out in both English and Serbian.
Montessori method of education takes full advantage of the children`s desire to learn and their  ability to develop their own capacities.
Montessori environment is carefully prepared to enable exposure to experience and use of Montessori materials stimulate  children`s interest in learning, develop perception and concentraton.By choosing material they want to play with, children experience freedom within limits.
  • English Language School 
English for pre school children (3-7 years old) 
English classes for preschool children are based on ongoing communication in English. Children are engaged in various activities that are suitable and appealing for their age. This is the time when  children  are not afraid of making mistakes and  gladly take part in the activities carried out. Consequently they actively participate in conversation.
The early childhood  is extremely important as knowledge gained in this period  forms a very good base for further progress in grammar and writing. 
Ronal Zeronis, Director of Studies in International House, Budapest has written in his report about Školigrica
...”Particularly strong in this area (YL)is Školigrica ...the skill with which the YL lessons observed were executed, the rapport, the pacing, variety of activity types, resources available and their utilisation are models which other schools might wish to look at when  seeking to improve their YL teaching.”
  • English for school age children (7-12 years old) - Cambridge certificates for the youngest
At the age of 7  the children are already familiar with some grammatical concepts and they are devided in groups of 5-12 according to their age group and language competence. The children are given  the opportunity to acquire the internationally recognized Cambridge certificates YLE,KET,PET.
The third programme  branched out of Školigrica under its own name Chatroom 
  • English Language School Chatroom for teenagers and adults.
Cambridge certificates KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE.
The school is Bronze member of British Council Addvantage Programme.
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