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PanonSoft doo

Radnička 10,
21000 Novi Sad
Working hours:
021 42...Click to reveal number
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Brane, Steva,
Maja, Ana Marija
i Siniša
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Zlatko i Dejan

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PanonSoft Resources
PanonSoft Organization
PanonSoft Resources


PanonSoft d.o.o. is functionally divided into six divisions:

  • IT Division
  • Design
  • Photo
  • Marketing management
  • Commercial operations
  • VirtualniGrad.com editorial office

Technical equipment and knowledge we possess, as well as coordinated division activities, projects in particular, are the guarantee of top quality of our services and products.


For high quality of our services, skilled personnel employed at PanonSoft are of crucial importance. More than twenty employees possessing wide range of knowledge will fulfill any your requirement and make the product that will satisfy your needs.


Programming Languages




Only several most significant technologies and skills we are specialized in are mentioned below:

  • Databases: ORACLE, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgre, DB2…,
  • Servers: Apache, IIS, Tomcat…,
  • Operating Systems: UNIX, LINUX, Windows, SOLARIS,
  • Programing Languages: PHP, PL/SQL, SQL, C++, C#, Java, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, Microsoft
  • NET Framework, 4GL, Active Script Flash, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, …
  • Networks: network connection of firm from phone to computer and Internet,
  • wireless networking, firewall adjustments, mailing adjustment, mailing lists, antiviral adjustments…
  • Marketing: Internet and other media campaigns, the design of any marketing material…
  • Multimedia: Flash presentations on web and CD, audio and video production…


Equipment Technical Equipment


Technical equipment of PanonSoft is as follows: four servers, 16 computer units, VoIP equipment, Paterson Tungsten, Multi-Flash ceiling and transferable Canon Flash equipment in combination with Nikon/Canon digital cameras, 3 sets of recording equipment for Virtual 3D and Panorama photographs…





History of PanonSoft


PanonSoft was established in 1999 as software company focused to international markets, making the design creation and information systems and databases, Internet and Intranet applications. The majority of operations was performed for the companies from England, and we have also worked for German, Swiss, and Hong Kong market.
Also, for the purpose of Internet and multimedia space presentations, we have developed the technology of recording and software processing of virtual 3D photography by ourselves.

Today, after six years of our establishment, PanonSoft is situated in the following address:
PanonSoft d.o.o.
Radnička 10/I
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
phone + 381 21 426-579; +381 21 524-980
e-mail: info@panonsoft.com


Be in the Focus of our Activities.

No. of opened pages this month: 45
Total: 43258

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